Reviews of patients


Lydia born 1949. Dusseldorf(Germany). Diagnosis: Porch, PMS (postmenstrual syndrome), polyarthritis, osteochondrosis. Result: Complete recovery without medication.

I have got acquainted with system “ School of a life ” in 1997. For this period of time I had problems with work, in family and with health. Legs were colors to exhaust, I hardly could reach from a bed to a table and have already despaired ever to be healthy and cheerful.
I did not trust, that I can be restored. And when to me have explained the reason of my sufferings and stories through what time I from them shall get rid – I have not believed at once. After use of system “ School of a life ” and acceptance of 4 sessions “RE-I-KI” at me the situation has changed. I have got the invitation to work in a big company where I work till now as the chief accountant. I met the man and we live happily 12 years.
Now I daily carry out all installations, is vigorous, healthy and I look for 20 years you
nger than the contempoparies. This system is unique, at any opportunity I tell about it to people surrounding me and they also have restored themselves and their relatives under my recommendation.


Chernikov L.A. born 1932. Mainz (Germany). Diagnosis: Herpes and prostate adenoma. Result: Complete recovery

I have got acquainted with “ School of a life ” in 1999. I had very serious problems in sexual system and heart work. I had herpes and benign prostatic hypertrophy. After system of clearing and imposing of hands (RE-I-KI) to this day am vigorous, my 40-years wife is happy with my man’s feats. I for a long time have forgotten about a herpes and benign prostatic hypertrophy. Daily I carry out recommendations “ Schools of a life ” and I help to be restored my friends on this system.


Svetlana, 46 years. Тemirtau(Kazakhstan). Diagnosis: Fibromyoma 6-8 weeks, cyst left ovary. Result: Complete recovery without surgery and medicine.

In 40 years it is diagnosed fibroma 6-8 weeks and cystosys 12 mm on left ovary. And as a consequence a verdict of doctors-No-Alternatives to surgical intervention (even the relative doctor-gynecologist offered operation on removal of a uterus) .For my happiness I
Met people who more than 15 years are engaged in giving assistance by L.G.Puchko’s technique. The given technique has allowed not only to specify the diagnosis (7-8 weeks), but also has specified terms of its treatment. The first results of treatment have started to be observed with an output of sand with kidneys, cystitis, occurrences and losses some bumps in some places on a body. In Critical days during two months were successively observed allocation in the form of blood clods. In 4 months of treatment cysta has disappeared . It was confirmed visiting the doctor-gynecologist. She was surprised, but cysta was not found outIt is madly grateful to these people and now I wish to share the success with Other women who has the same problem. Lovely women do not hasten to lay down under a knife. There is an alternative….

Victor, 46 years. Кiev (Ukraine). Diagnosis: Hepatitis of unknown typology, biliary cirrhosis. Result: Complete recovery without surgery and medication.

What has induced me to borrow in self-restoration? And has induced the following. Two extreme years before dismissal from Armed forces the analysis To blood showed the raised bilirubin (for a moment of dismissal :general -48,9, Straight line – 25,7 mmol/litre) .Verdict of doctors – a hepatites unstated etiology. And in words it looked approximately just live and be pleased, all is
Perfect. It is all ecology. And here mister a case has enabled to get acquainted with system of self-restoration and to master it. It has been carried out research for patrimonial debts and only after their decision has begun itself the of restoration. Diagnostics has shown illness of a bilious bubble and a liver. And here are results:bilirubin the general 27.07 – 22,6; 02.09 – 19,1 05.10 – 11,8. It means that a liver completely recycled and has restored its function. In addition integral part of self-restoration were special physical exercises. Now I feel myself superb.


Vozian L. D. 1954. Еrevan (Аrmenia). Diagnosis: Fibromioma the size of a walnut. At the daughter - damage ("a crown of celibacy"). Result: Complete recovery without surgery. At the daughter the spoil is removed.

I met with the «School of Life» in 1998. I had a fibroid the size of a walnut. When they told me that you can get rid of it without surgery, I, as a practical woman, agreed immediately. As I promised, after 4,5 months, it disappeared after the procedures of the School of life. » After that my daughter did «the crown of celibacy, and she successfully got married and gave birth to a son. I work as chief accountant of a large international company. All of my subordinates have tried this system on their children and their parents. All are healthy and happy. We have a friendly close-knit group of healthy people. Thanks to the system, «School Life» and bow to all of us.




Leonid S., Candidate of Medical Science, born 1952. Sevastopol. Diagnosis: Carcinoma (cancer) of the head of the penis. Result: Complete recovery.
I had a «shackle» on the head member and a friend of mine advised to remove it using liquid nitrogen. When it was removed – it was cancer and I have formed an open wound and began to follow the scrotum. I was on the verge of despair, but my doctor said that he knew the healers who might help me. When after 5 months of the wound dragged on and disappeared carcinoma, all the doctors talked about a miracle. Deepest gratitude to the School of life «for my salvation.








Erhan Where born 1952 Kadriye, Belek, Turkey (in translation). Belek (Тurkey). Diagnosis: Sexlessness. Result: Complete recovery.
In 1999, I had problems with the reproductive system, but to my luck, I met with a «school of life», and a week after four sessions of RE-I-KI fully recovered. As a token of gratitude, I as a director of a leather factory stitched and presented to representatives of the School of life ‘leather coats and jackets. After, restored his father, uncle and children. I pray to Allah for my meeting with these people.






Joseph Fromer Sussex UK. 1912. United Kingdom. Diagnosis: Alts-Gamer disease, atherosclerosis. Result: Complete recovery and absence of symptoms of ex-diseases.
I met with the «School of life» in 1995 in London. I am a man of the Victorian era, but when he learned about the possibilities of the School of life «took it right away. Doctors said that my atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease will only progress and can not hope for improvement. However, when I took a course of «School Life», my condition came back to normal. I’m currently working at the London Royal biblioteke.Zanimayus active correspondence with the world. More done every day. Every year in October and March, I use the services of the School of life «and my condition is not change.




Anna P. 1952. Naberezhnu chelnu (Russia). Diagnosis: Diabetes of the second type, 23 week fibroids, polyarthritis. Result: Myoma disappears, sugar is normal, arthritis does not bother.
I am happy that I got acquainted with the methodology and capsules of the School of life, resulting in sugar under control, the blood is normal, 23-week fibroid is not. The legs do not cramp, stop burst blood vessels on the palms, there are no spines on the legs, straighten your fingers. 6 bottles of capsules for 4 months and exercise techniques, «School of Life and arthrosis and hondrozy retreated.







Antonina Z. 1938. Borisov (Belarussia). Diagnosis: Myositis of the right scapula fibroma, cartilaginous formation on the right metatarsus, uterine fibroids, nephropathy. Result: Complete recovery.
After applying the techniques of «School Life» (cap, capsule) recovered a dream, not a headache, went myositis, right shoulder, resorbed fibroid left breast, dissolved cartilaginous formation on the right paw, left uterine fibroids and nephropathy.








Ludmila C. 1956. Кiev (Ukraine). Diagnosis: Ovarian cyst. Result: Complete recovery.
In 2000, during a gynecological examination, was discovered ovarian cyst in 2008, she became a factor of 2 higher. After applying the product of «School Life» (6 bottles of capsules, cap, exercise), during an inspection in June 2009 – the tumor was found. I told the doctor where and how I was treated and she confirmed that I was not in her first patient, who recovered by the technique of «School Life».







Nikolai N. 1942. Кiev (Ukraine). Diagnosis: Atelectasis of the left lung with metastases in sretenie. Result: Alive, healthy and working.
When my mother brought my father to the office of the School of Life «, located on the 4 floor, he barely walked leaning on our frail shoulders with his mother. Diagnosis – atelectasis of left lung with metastases to meet the sounded like thunder to Sped blue. Father never had, to all others with sympathy and respect. I was told that he is doomed and can live for 2 days or 2 months, but no more. We apply the technique of «School Life» Now in its eighth month. This cap, capsule, and exercise. At the 4 th floor, he now runs independently.





Cyril born 2009. Vinnitsa (Ukraine). Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus of the brain, fluid in the 4th ventricle of the brain. Result: Now a healthy high-grade child.
My son was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, brain, and the inability to remove fluid from the fourth ventricle of the brain, resulting in him all the time growing headache. Where we have not been accessed, except for a shunt, which he delivered a professor from London, no one other type of treatment is not offered. Doctors said that the child will be mentally retarded and unable to walk. Conducting led me into the School of life. » After applying the cap liquid came out through his ear, his head stopped growing, and after 2 months of using caps my baby went away and began to speak. What luck that there is «School life».




Vasil Arsentievich, 1963. Кiev (Ukraine). Diagnosis: Separation of abdominal aorta cells, prostate adenoma. Result: Alive, healthy, working.
I brought in the School of life «my friend when she found out that I have appointed an operation on the separation of cells of the abdominal aorta. If I went on this operation, but now today I could not tell anyone about myself, because my body is not able to hold this operation. Due to the method of school life (cap, capsule, exercise) over 4,5 months my body has recovered completely. Seizures stopped, I no longer feel the numbness of limbs, disappeared BPH, and regenerate cartilage tissue. I began to sleep like a child. School of Life «gave me a second chance – to work hard and do good.




Nina, 66 years old. Kharkov (Ukraine). Diagnosis: Inoperable carcinoma-adenoma lung cancer. Result: Alive, under our supervision 7 years.
My mom was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer as a tumor carcinoma and adenoma. Using the technology of the School of life «(cap, capsule, exercise), I can be quiet for the life of his mother, who now has gained a second chance for a happy life.





Ivan. L., aged 75. Kharkov (Ukraine). Diagnosis: A thrombus in the heart - 4.5cm. Result: The thrombus dissolved.
My father had a blood clot in the heart, the size of 4,5 cm To my luck I managed to get acquainted with the methodology of the School of life «(cap, capsule, exercise). After taking the course for 4, 5 months, when the next medical examination in Cardiology blood clot in his heart was not identified. The doctor sent her father to confirm the diagnosis to the Institute Amosova, and it confirmed that indeed there is no blood clot. Thanks to the School of life «for the miraculous healing of my father.




Vera E., 48 years old. Оdessa (Ukraine). Diagnosis: Herpes. Result: Complete recovery.
For many years I was tormented by cold sores. I was treated in Germany, Moscow, but herpes disappear for 4-5 months, and then reappears. After a wonderful capsule of «School Life» has been 3 years, this problem does not bother me.