1. What does it mean: “School of Life”?

It is the recovery of health of human body without medications and surgery.


2. What is the essence of the method ?

Essence of method is in plugging in work of mechanism of self-regulation of human body, so a body restores itself.


3. How is diagnostics produced?

Diagnostics is produced by a R method (scopes, pendulum), determining the state of energy of chakras and meridians of human body.


4. What methods of influence to a human body?

The basic methods this use of our devices, being a matrix – the generator of space energy and imposing of hands, for restoration of power of bodies and systems of an organism, restoration power (a radio body)– RE-I-KI, synthesis.


5. How it is possible to get rid of a myoma, fibromioma?

Occurrence of a myoma and in a fibromioma in organism of the woman, is consequence of blow up of Adgna chakra therefore blood circulation of a small basin and in that place where the knife of the surgeon has visited is broken, alien cells are formed. To eliminate it it is necessary to restore in the beginning energy of work Adgna chakra therefore blood circulation of a small basin will be restored and only then to be engaged in restoration of microflora of sexual system of the woman.


6. How to struggle with an benign prostatic hypertrophy?

Two basic factors are necessary for successful recover from an benign prostatic hypertrophy :
To restore prostate energy (we show how)
To restore permeability of a membrane of prostate cells which we also reach by means of our techniques


7. It is possible to struggle successfully with an atherosclerosis, illnesses of Alzheimer, Parkinson?

By practical consideration we managed to define, that principal cause of these diseases are:
Unwillingness of the person to use the psychophysical energy
Absence of 2 irreplaceable amino acids – tryptophan and tyrosine.
By means of work therapy and a technique of correct understanding of the world and dialogue with others, and also by our devices, we successfully return these people to a normal life.


8. Is there an opportunity to deduce people from coma?

Our unique knowledge of how to start in a brain a control panel of bodies, and also to stimulate work of TUV-immune systems an organism, allows to cope with it.


9. Is it possible to treat diseases of the thyroid gland with the help of the "School of Life" system?

If a person already takes prescribed medications after surgery or without surgery, then he will take these drugs for life and the system will restore hormones and prevent the disease from developing further. But if you have not done the operation yet, you can restore the hormonal background with the help of our energy helmet and the "Amino health Formula" complex without surgery. The usage of tablets with their side effects can cause diabetes, hypertension, ischemic heart disease and the use of amino acids is not.


10. Have you had cases of recovery of autistics?

Yes. This is especially effective up to 10-11 years. All autistics have a program for conflict with society. Therefore, first energy helmet and then erasing the conflict program with the help of imposing hands. We still have only 7 of such children, but we helped them all.


11. Is it possible to treat red waves?

Yes, we have 3 cured patients in Israel, Moldova, and Ukraine. This disease is a punishment for the family for the sins of their ancestors. First you have to work out your sins and then restore the metabolic processes. “SCHOOL OF LIFE” offers first the use of an energy helmet and the diagnosis of karma and then, with the help of our the products - the restoration of metabolic processes, and with the help of meditation, yoga, qigong or church, the karma of the genus is cultivated. Only then a positive result can be possible.


12. Does the "SCHOOL OF LIFE" system help couples who do not have children for a long time?

Yes, during the work of the “School of Life” system, we are periodically treated with such problems.

The very first boy was born in 1998, the last girl in 2017. After studying this problem, we understood what are the main reasons, besides physiological, infertility. They consist in the sins of the future parents themselves or in the karma of the family, the future parents.

We have developed a technology how to do this and accompany the whole process of pregnancy before birth. Meanwhile there are 7 such children.