Our Centers

“ The SCHOOL of LIFE ” opens the FIRST REGENERATIVE CENTER at sea coast of Bulgaria with a unique possibility quickly and effectively to restore health, to normalize the basic vital forces of an organism.

We offer two basic package deals:

I. The first includes the bio-resonance diagnostics which consists of the express train of diagnostics of all organism, definition of availability of pathogenic microorganisms and the forecast of succession of events for 5 years, plus 10 procedures frequency-resonant, bio-resonance EHF-therapies and, if necessary, power protection of aura.

II. The Second includes diagnostics by a r-method of aura and meridians, diagnostics of karma. PH-balance, selection of a diet plus 14 procedures of clarification of internal bodies, power protection of aura, structuring of water and protection against pathogenic radiation of electronics (a mob phone, a computer, the TV, etc.).

Following regenerative procedures are offered:

1. 10 sessions of bio-resonance therapy

2. 14 procedures of clarification of internal bodies

3. 4 sessions RE-I-KI

4. Sessions of psychotherapy



- Accommodation, diagnostics regenerative procedures (the package 1 or the package 2), breakfasts (or three meals a day).


Our unique technologies restore:

1. a liver (a hepatitis, cirrhoses, a cancer);

2. gynecology (myoma, fibromyoma, dysplasia, erosion, urological infections);

3. restoration and preventive maintenance of heart attacks and insults;

4. treatment of autoimmune diseases;

5. exterminate of parasites, clearing of an organism.



1. Course of treatment (a type of procedures, quantity, their sequence) is appointed the HEALER to each patient individually by results of diagnostics, wishes, availability of readings and contra-indications, compatibility of other procedures.

2. Definition of the recommended base package and the recommended additional procedures maybe is made before purchase of a package of treatment by skype in a mode the express train-diagnosing.

3. Other procedures (not included in base treatment) are provided for an extra charge.

4. Medication treatment is not stipulated and the cost of the permit does not include it.

5. At revealing contra-indications during inspection and/or treatment carrying out of the program is maybe stopped. In this case we shall return money for the remained days of treatment.

6. Patients should act in the regenerative center with the filled sanatorium card (SC), results of inspections on a residence. In addition to SC (depending on the chosen medical program) it is necessary to have results of ultrasonic of bodies of a belly cavity, the roentgenogram either MRI or CT a backbone or joints.


Double accommodation in rooms.

The hotel accommodation includes two beds, a toilet with shower cubicle, with a refrigerator, the conditioner, the TV, phone, a microwave, a safe.

Residence time – 14 nights.

The organization of stay for 21 nights is possible.



Price in Euros

1. Staying in a room 2 people. + Breakfast / dinner + Package for one person. 14 days 750
2. Stay in the room by 1 person. + Breakfast / dinner + Package for one person. 14 days 700
3. Transfer – to / from airport on 1 / 2 person   25
4. Package 1 or Package 2   300
5. Package 1 + Package   450
  Additional diagnostics and treatments:    
1. Bio-resonance diagnosis   50
2. Aura Diagnosis (R-method)   50
3. Diagnostics of Karma   50
4. Iridology   50
5. Bio-resonance therapy sessions 10 sessions 100
6. Cleansing the internal organs of the course   75
7. Conversations RE-I-KI 4 sessions 150
8. Psychotherapy   50-250


School of Life offers comfortable rooms in these hotels:

1. Hotel “Pomorie”.
2. Hotel “Paradise Dune” and others, are located near the town of Burgas, Bulgaria.


Your comfort is accompanied by comfortable and cozy rooms, a European level. You can also take advantage of additional spa services (beauty salons, offices of tourism services, currency exchange, restaurants on the sea, a cafe, outdoor swimming pools on the beach, sauna, solarium, etc.). All this is subject to the same goal – a comfortable and pleasant stay in our center during your recovery.

FIRST recreation center – a perfect place to restore health and vitality of your body!