Our achievements


Our achievements for the past year

In general complication, 400 persons and 120 person’s abroad (Croatia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia) were recovered in 4 branches in Ukraine by the healers of “School of life”. Our centers began to function in Bulgaria and Lithuania. A First recovery center of complete type will be opened in Bulgaria in may, 2011, where we will able to accept up to 100 patients monthly, people interested in being recovered without medications and doctors, on long happy years.


So, our achievements are:

1. 2 patients that had a diagnosis Hepatitis C were recovered (in Italy and Ukraine).


2. 4 persons with a brain tumor were recovered.


3. A child with a diagnosis of hydrocephalus (cerebral edema) was recovered.


4. 2 patients that had an inoperable cancer of the thick intestine were recovered.


5. 2 patients that had an inoperable lungs cancer were recovered.


6. 1 patient that had a cell exfoliation of abdominal aorta was recovered.


7. 3 patients with a necrosis of ear nerve were recovered.


8. About 40 persons that had diabetes of 2 type were recovered, sugar was reduced from a 12-18 (200-340) level to 6-7 (110-130).


9. More than 300 women that had gynecological problems (myoma, fibromyoma, uterus dysplasia, cervix cancer, etc) were recovered.


10. More than 100 patients that had problems with liver (cirrhosis, hepatitis, cancer) were recovered.


About 2800 people in 18 countries of the world were recovered by the healers of “School of life”.

The senior recovered man is 99 year old, the most junior is 7 months (noises in a heart, suspicion on the heart vice).

The senior recovered woman is 92 year old (after a coma).

The littlest is 1 year and 4 months (asthma).