Our achievements


Dear Sirs!

Our site has been working since 2006 and the system of "School of Life" has been functioning since 1995.

In total during this time we were able to help recover the health to more than 3 700 patients from 26 countries. However, for humanity it is a drop in the ocean. The oldest man will soon turn 106 years old, and recovered after 90 years in 7 countries are 61 people.

The main thing is that we’ve understood that people who don’t want to be ill with senile diseases (Dementia, Alts Gamer's disease, encephalopathy, Parkinson's disease, atherosclerosis), after 85 years should take every day from 2 to 6 capsules of "Aminohelth Formula" depending on weight and then their life will be is always full at any age. We think in 2020 we can introduce the world our great-grandparents in the best light, so that people can see that at the age of 100 or more you can be active, healthy, with light thoughts without sclerosis and that everyone can achieve this by applying the "School of Life" . After all in old age you should not be a burden to yours relatives, but should be a source of wisdom and life experience for descendants and others.

Now 20 French citizens are being recovered and will finish the course in April-March 2018 after which they will decide to open the center in Nice. In addition, now there are 2 centers in Ukraine, 4 in Israel and 4 in the Balkans. All those who used to be with us also continue their noble mission in other countries. From 2012 to 2017, we helped married couples who did not have children to become happy parents and developed a whole system of how to achieve it. A total of 5 countries were born 7 children, for which we are constantly watching. We accompanied them throughout the period of pregnancy and the babies were all born healthy and full without complications. The oldest first birth was a woman of 44 years.

In 2016-2017, we had been working with children with autistics and also developed a system for restoring their health and returning to a full life (7 children recovered during this period). Now we are also working with hopeless patients from the point of view of medicine - stage 4 of pancreatic cancer (woman) and with a man who has removed the kidney, part of the stomach and 5 meters of the small intestine, but thanks to our system they already lived a year and 1.5, respectively, despite of the fact that medicine forecasted not even a one month.

In 2015, 3 patients were diagnosed with a diagnosis of lupus erythematous in Israel, Ukraine, and Moldova. They have recovered and now have healthy lifestyle and help people who surround them (relatives and friends, friends, neighbors, colleagues at work). At the end of 2017, more than 150 people are being recovered in 26 countries, 4 people are trained as healers.

All the successes and achievements we fix in our files and they are reflected in the analyzes and studies conducted by the recovering laboratories and clinics of the countries where they live. The test table and the diagnosis card we give to everyone. These tests confirm the recovery of each patient.

So, our achievements are:

1. Recovered patients who had a diagnosis of hepatitis C (in Italy and Ukraine).

2. Recovered patients with a diagnosis - a brain tumor.

3. The child with diagnosis the hydrocephalus (the edema of a brain) had been recovered.

4. Recovered patients with a diagnosis of inoperable colon cancer.

5. Recovered patients with a diagnosis - inoperable lung cancer.

6. Recovered patients with a diagnosis - detachment of cells of the abdominal aorta.

7. Recovered patients with a diagnosis - necrosis of the ear.

8. A lot of people were recovered with the diagnosis - type 2 of diabetes, sugar from the level of 12-18 (200-340) was lowered to 6-7 (110-130).

9. A large number of women who had gynecological problems (fibroids, fibroids, uterine dysplasia, cervical cancer, etc.) were recovered.

10. Recovered patients who had liver problems (cirrhosis, hepatitis, cancer).

Our main achievements
- 38 forms of cancer we were defeated, including: lung cancer of the 4th stage with adenocarcinoma and atelectasis, more than 600 female gynecological cancers: myomas, fibromiomas, dysplasia’s and polycystoses. All kinds of liver diseases: cancer, cirrhosis, hepatitis A, B, C. Also such terrible diseases as brain hydrocephalus, schizophrenia, Low-Gehrig disease, Alts-Gamer. A huge number of patients after strokes, heart attacks and other complex operations were recovered.

We came to the conclusion that the application of the "School of Life" system will allow a person to live long, happily, afford all the charms of life at any age and never suffer from stroke, heart attack, no diseases of Parkinson’s and Alts-Gamer.

Be always healthy, active and cheerful!