Since January 2011, our main center of Kiev “School of Life” pass recovery following patients:


1.       A man, born in 1942 Ukraine, with inoperable cancer of the lungs (atelectasis of left lung with metastases to the mediastinum). The treatment course was initiated in August 2010. Traditional medicine is predicted duration of his life from 2 days to 2 months. Our recovery center took the treatment for the patient and to date there are no metastases and its wonderful feeling, he goes to work and lead a healthy lifestyle and continues to restore health with the help of our capsules;


2.       Male 38 years old, Italy.
Admitted to us with hepatitis C (genotipV1). Treated at our center is located in August 2010, currently cured of hepatitis, and leads a healthy lifestyle


3.       Female 54 years old. He is being treated with the January 28, 2011, diagnosed with uterine cancer. Completes a course of treatment and fully recovered after a month without surgery and medication, thanks to our methods.


4.       Female 45 years old, diagnosed with a tumor of the cerebellum with marked growth of the tumor was treated in February 2011. Through the use of «caps» the tumor began to appear through the nose. It is almost completely out, leaving only minor lesions, which are using our techniques will be eliminated within 3 months.


5.       Female 66 years old with a diagnosis of adenoma-carcinoma of the lung, which in the language of medical means you can’t use chemotherapy hence the inability to cure the disease. In our center, this woman is on the recovery from September 2010. At the moment, feels great, leading normal lives and is on maintenance therapy. Very soon from her illness will be over.


6.       Female 48 years old. Diagnosis – schizophrenia, split personality and developing parkinsonism. Since the beginning of treatment in March 2011 due to «cap» of the tremor stopped, stopped a split personality (she no longer hears voices in his head). Markedly on the mend and back to normal life.


7.       Man in 1954 with a diagnosis of lymphoma with metastasis to the red bone marrow. In the School of life «came immediately after resuscitation in a normal clinic. Today he can walk independently, say and do anything that any healthy person. Up to full health, he is being treated at our center techniques.