During 2017 in 26 countries our healers recovered 173 patients.


Of the most difficult cases: 70-years old women with pancreatic cancer of stage four and a man with cancer whom doctors had removed the kidney. For us it's amazing that they are still alive and this shows the super-possibilities of our products.


In addition, a 39 year old woman who wanted to remove thyroid gland, but using the technique developed by the “SCHOOL OF LIFE” it was avoided. A man who wanted to remove the lung was recovered and now he has the opportunity to enjoy life and help other people.


There was nothing special in all other cases as everything was as usual: stones in the gallbladder, kidneys, pyelonephritis, fibroids, fibroids, etc. From the latest news: we finally determined the problems of Parkinson's disease. All the diseased have a vasoconstriction zone and a zone of chorea and tremor in the control panel of the brain. And in the brain - the hypothalamus zone of vision and hearing.


Now we are actively watching the man of 85-years old with whom we have been working for 10 years with the application of our products and instruments. There is no deterioration and for a man with the same problems but he still works and drives a car and lives a full normal life.