Wrong food, nervous stresses, lack of control and other arguments of traditional medicine is only circumstantial, but not the main factors of such serious diseases as cancer, tuberculosis, uterine, liver cirrhosis, fibroid, hepatitis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, sarcoma, etc…


There are actually enough real causes of diseases emergence. Serious diseases are primarily a consequence of a wrong understanding of the world, the wrong man’s actions in life or acquired problems of the ancestral type, in which he was placed. Also, it can lead to the so-called decay, evil eye or in general negative influence of other people, objects, etc. The reasons about which have said in traditional medicine only supplement these causes.


We consider person that consists of 7 bodies. So, what are these seven bodies?

1. A physical body

2. A power body (ethereal)

3. An astral body

4. A soulful body (intuitive)

5. A karmic body

6. A mental body

7. A spiritual body (own «I»)


According to the cosmogonist concept, all seven bodies of the person are seven ranges of vibrations (seven conditions of a matter).


First, diseases emerge in thin bodies. Negative emotions, which the person is subject, can draw similar vibrations from space. Then the whole network of damages is created in the organism in the form of existence the ethereal creatures in ethereal body, in astral – astral, and in mental – mental which lead to numerous mental infringements and psychometrical diseases. Damages of thin bodies can arise in a womb of mother. There is a record of all negative sensations at a cellular level: a physical pain, words of surrounding people, sounds of TV, etc., creating a damage of thin bodies in further.


These data are stored in a hard disk (subconscious of each person). It is the winchester of huge capacity. The information about damages that had happened in thin bodies of the last transformations is stored in it. Reception of the information from subconscious is a basis of radioesthethic method of diagnostics. Each person can learn how to communicate with the subconscious and extract the information about damages of the bodies from there.


Besides system of diagnostic the nature has given each person the ability of self-healing. Using simple receptions, any average biological person, can find out in itself the system of reception of the radiations, shown in occurrence of ideomotor act providing the fixation of ideomotor act (a pendulum, a rod, frameworks) and fixation of radioesthethic effect.


Each person has not only papillary lines especially individual and not similar to anybody, but also his own power-information unit which is written down in DNA. It is enough to put a finger of a hand, photo, and bunch of hair of the patient on the picture with the image of researched body as at once creates the power-information connection between this patient and this picture.


Smoothly moving a pendulum (a framework, a rod) along a picture and watching closely its rotation, it is possible with the sight (torsion fields) a damages in any system of organism of the patient on change of rotation of a pendulum. When damage has found out, the name of the reasons that caused the given damage is precisely formulated. There is a connection with the help of a word or the idea-form between conscious and subconscious of the person. Further, using a plank of all known means in traditional and non-conventional medicine (medicines, massage, prays, mantras etc.) the patient correctly defines the needed one. After that the doze and time of treatment will be defined the same way.


Each person can be represented as a geometrical figure with the help of the universal language created by the nature. Vibration streams from zodiac constellations, planets, space beams, letters and numbers can be displayed as geometrical and numerical symbols. This language is described in secret ezotherical doctrines and is known to Devoted people. Images are the accessories of the astral world, and symbols – are karmic (relationships of cause and effect). With the help of subconscious we choose that symbol or a character set which gives a necessary spectrum of radiation for the decision of the tasks putted by conscious (for example, to remove damages in a mental body).


If the character set chosen by subconscious represents only numbers, it is a numerical vibration line. If there are only geometrical symbols, then it is a geometrical line. If there are geometrical signs and other, than it is a compound vibration line.


As soon as you finish a location of last symbol, the chosen vibration number line starts to work. Your entire mental sphere begins to change, eliminating all that prevents your harmonious life (depression, negative ideas, etc.). With the help of vibration lines it is possible to cope with alcohol, smoking.