About Us


Hello, dear visitors!

If you got here, something disturbs you, you miss something and obviously you want to be healthy.


Our task is to help you with this!


Life is arranged so that a person passes his life way, being born and dying, moving to another condition since the birth and death. The vast majority of people can’t confidently answer the question why they live and what awaits them when they close their eyes in this life forever. Only a small amount feel, believe and even fewer of them see and understand truly the meaning of life and its purpose in it.


We are confronted with various ailments, impairment of health during our life and want them, regardless of their seriousness, never return to us. But the question of how to realize this wish, again, the vast majority of people can not give a plausible answer.


People, who created this site before, like everyone else, suffered from various illnesses, including very serious and are constantly searching for the definition and the possibility of curing ailments.


As it turned out, a Higher Power has been given to mankind the priceless knowledge through which a person could live much longer than now and to have a happy life. There is no doubt that each of the like-minded creators of this site, passing off its own very difficult thorny path in his life, finding each other, has found this truth and knowledge through which people can find health and joy of life.


We are confident in the correctness of our choice not just because we cured ourselves, but also helped to do this for thousands of people in need of healing. Many of the methods we use have been confirmed by many thousands of years ago and are still hidden for various reasons from the vast majority of people living on Earth. We have proved the correctness and success of their application, upgraded them and want to share with you our experience and knowledge.


All this you can learn from a series of books under the general title «Third Way» that we offer to interested people.


We wish you a good health and confident that we can help you!


Have a nice health!